Current Projects


This project is still on going. It is powered by a single 9v battery, and using a voltage booster to achieve a roughly 400k volt low amp electric arc. Nothing says “I’m in danger”, quite like the sound of cracking electrons and the scent of ozone.


This AR-7 based designed is meant to mimic the DL-44 from StarWars. The barrel is 3D printed with a steel liner epoxied in place. The receiver model is based on work work done by Vingh Nguyen from the gatalog.

Glator 3.0

This is a modified Altor 9 inspired by Solscud007. Originally a jolt frame was developed, but futher resources are being put into being able to add accessories for use with NVG’s… for reasons…


This project is still on my back burner. I really should just release these


Only because someone told me I couldn’t buy a cannon once…