Project Glator 3.0

The Glator 3.0 lives

I wouldn’t have thought is possible, but I think I made the recoil worse! It all started off as a bit of a joke. Take the $100-ish Altor 9 single shot pistol, and level it up. Solscud007, and I have been having a good laugh all through the journey.

Solscud007’s first request was an Altor “re-skin” to the Jolt-9. It was dubbed the Noisy Altor Jolt. It came out looking way more like the “Noisy Cricket” from Men in Black than I anticipated. It was a super quick weekend project, and paved the way for future fun! The design was made into two pieces for easier printing. The print orientation can be flat on the build plate. After printing you can just use your favorite CA glue to assemble with three indexing pegs for alignment!

With the Noisy Altor Jolt done, the next goal was to create an Altor platform ready for ALL YOUR ACCESSORY NEEDS! I personally wanted this ability to add IR lasers and illuminators for use with night vision… for… reasons… AND chenaniguns ensued!

The inverted magazine (9mm Pez Dispenser), was all Solscud007’s idea! I give him full credit due. Originally I wanted to go with a G19 size double stack magazine. The problem with the double stack magazine is that it left a very thin side wall. The outer walls were only 1.2 mm around the magazine. That’s only 3 walls of material connecting the bottom of the frame to the top. This resulted in the R.U.D. clip above (Rapid Unplanned Disassembly). Only years of stage training allowed me to keep my cool on camera, and roll with the hilarious results. The first rule applies here, “Always look cool”. In other words, look like everything is under control even when it’s clearly not. I also try to “plan for the worst, but hope for the best” in all things. I always act as if the gun will fail catastrophically, and plan accordingly with your body orientation to the thing in question. I decided to go with a single stack G43 magazine, thickened out the grip substantially, and that seems to have solved my issues… for now.

I’m not sure where I’m going from here. I’m honestly getting a bit bored with this project. There are things I’d certainly love to explore further. For instance I’d love to make a suppressed 22lr barrel options for the Altor. I’ve already got the CAD work done for this, I’d just need to epoxy in a 22lr barrel liner, and try it out. It would be tricky getting the perfect alignment of that small rounded firing pin to hit the rim of a 22lr. I’d also love to explore some braced or even rifle options. There are no 16″ barrel options at, but maybe something I just have to make. Does it make any sense at all… absolutely not.

Also… I kinda want to bring back pistol dueling using Simunition, wax projectiles, or UTX ammo. More to come on that another time…